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Hey there all you hot n’ horny boy toys. I really enjoy kinky role plays and fantasies. Especially ones that are taboo and unique. They make this cheating house wife especially hot and horny. There is one caller I can think of his imagination is wild. I love an active imagination. When his imagination teams with mine, well things get very steamy. I especially enjoyed feeding him my magic potion during our shrinking roleplay phone sex.
Our adventure starts with my friend J coming over to visit. I invite him into my living room, where I have some wine and a fire going. I have him sit on the couch, where I seduce him. I leave him sitting on the couch while I go into my bedroom to change into my favorite seductive outfit. I make sure that I am wearing a short skirt, and crochless panties. Before he realizes it I sprinkle some shrinking dust upon my succulent pussy. The moment is perfect for turning him into my personal sex toy.  I know that he has wanted to get a taste of my sweet nectars for some time. I mean, at this point the timing is perfect! My husband has been away for months and my pussy is really in need of some attention. It just so happens that I know that J is the perfect man for the job. I just can’t help but to sit on his face. The more he sucks and licks my pussy the smaller he shrinks during our shrinking roleplay phone sex session.
He shrinks down to the size of a ten inch toy that I use for my own pleasure, he is enjoying his new means of pleasuring.  I put a little more magic dust on my pussy, and J shrinks into a two and a half inch personal vibrating toy. I slip him into my panties and go about my day. Want to know more of what happens? Ask for Mina your favorite cheating housewife for shrinking role play phone sex. Do you have a shrinking roleplay you want to share with me? Just call me!

My newest boy toy has a very vivid imagination for this hot cheating wife. We have so much fun together. Mix a little bit of CBT with a sensual cannibalism anything goes phone sex fantasy. I’ll bet you’re wondering how the two could be mixed together and be sensual? Well, I was too! Turns out, it was a real turn on, made my pussy sopping wet!
So, it turns out that my newest boy toy and I are close friends. I run a shelter for abused women; turns out they are all very beautiful women. Mark is known for his work with abused women in the community. In fact, it is his funding that provided the state of the art shelter that I run. It is a beautiful shelter… the women and I are very spoiled!  Our living room has a nice fire place for winter movies, and is air conditioned throughout during the hottest days in the summer. The best part of our space however is our state of the art kitchen. I’ve hired only the best chefs and installed all kinds of different ovens, and cooking devices for what I have planned during this anything goes phone sex fantasy.
I give Mark a call to give him a tour of our state of the art home. After all, it’s only proper that we thank him for all we have, right? Mark accepts my offer and arrives right away. I give Mark a nice hug, and a sensual kiss on the cheek. I can’t help but notice the bulge in his pants. Little does he know I’ve got a fun surprise at the end of the tour. 
As I start to give him a tour of my beautiful shelter, the chef comes to me to let me know that we’ve run out of meat and has to run to the store. Little does Mark know, he’s going to be our dinner during this anything goes phone sex fantasy. What could possibly be tastier than a la penis for dinner? 
I start by showing him our living room, and then we head into our activity room, the bathroom, which also houses a state of the art massage area. Finally, we step into our gigantic kitchen. I remember that we don’t have meat for dinner, but our chef isn’t back yet. Its ok, I have the perfect recipe all pulled up on my computer. I forget I need to speak to one of my girls, so I step out of the room for a few minutes. While I’m away, Mark can’t help but notice the recipe that I have pulled up titled “How to cook Mark.” When I get back he asks me about it, that is when the real fun begins during this anything goes phone sex fantasy! I start by marinating him in my juices; pulling his cock and balls through a device I have all set up just for him. Will the chef make it back in time with some meat or will Mark become the meal? Call my phone sex number posted above to find out what happens next, or bring me your own anything goes phone sex fantasy to play out. Don’t forget to ask for Mina!


Mina here - your seductive extreme financial domination phone sex goddess. That’s right! I’m going to take everything you own….that means everything from your wallet, to your car, house and everything inside. When I’m done with you, I’m going to throw you out like the sissy slut trash that you are! You seem to think that you’re the only one with this extreme financial domination phone sex fetish; well you’ve got something coming! 

I’m not a goddess to be messed with! I look and sound sweet and innocent, but underneath the exterior I know just how to get what I want.  How do you think I keep my expensive lifestyle? Did you really think my husband takes care of me that well? Please!  Think again! 

I’m a goddess in high demand so if you’re not serious about being under my complete control, then don’t bother reading any further. I mean if extreme financial domination phone sex is what you’re looking for, then you’ve certainly come to the right woman. After all, all I have to do to get what I want from men is bat my long lashes and sashay my ass and they all cum begging at my feet. I think it’s fucking hot, that I don’t have to do a thing…. All I have to do is sit back and let all the pathetic subs and sissys come to me.

If you don’t give me everything you’ve earned in your checking and all of your savings, then I’m going to make you tape that clitty down. When you don’t do as I’ve said, I’m going to make you rip that tape off of your clitty and all the hair beneath it….. imagine the pain you’ll feel, all because you didn’t listen to the most amazing extreme financial domination phone sex-goddess around. You know what to do dial my phone sex number if you don’t want more extreme punishments and ask for Mina